At Your Consultation | Anthony Sparano, MD

At Your Consultation

To schedule a consultation, simply call us at 732-280-3223 and request to be scheduled for a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss the possibility of surgical hair transplantation. You will be instructed to arrive 15-30 minutes in advance of your scheduled time to complete necessary paperwork including a medical history. Some of the paperwork can be completed online prior to the date of consultation.

In order to be a candidate for hair restoration surgery, you must be in good health, able to tolerate a long surgical day, be cleared to come off any blood-thinning medications, be a good surgical candidate. Good surgical candidates have adequate donor supply and density at the primary donor regions (back and sides of scalp), with appropriate and reasonable goals for surgery at the transplantation sites (front and top of scalp).

If you will be traveling a distance for your consultation, and would like to have certain questions answered in advance, you can request to speak with one of our hair surgery consultants or hair surgery technicians.

At your consultation, you will first be introduced to one of our hair surgery consultants. They will become an easy and effective liaison for you across the process. They are wonderfully helpful and friendly individuals who will always have your best interest in mind. They will seat you and conduct some brief conversation about your history and your potential hair surgery goals. Subsequently, you will meet with Dr. Sparano. Dr. Sparano will review your medical history, and examine your hair donor supply and intended transplantation regions, thereby assessing candidacy.

Dr. Sparano takes pride in the amount of time he spends with his patients, especially focused on the intricacies of the hair transplantation decision process. Communication and “getting on the same wavelength,” are some of our strengths as a practice. He will specifically discuss use of medications for hair retention; candidacy for surgery; goals of surgery; size of surgery; timing of surgery; expense of surgery.

Appropriate and interested candidates will leave with a detailed pricing sheet delineating costs and estimated size of surgery. Patients can choose their surgical date among those available, and will then be scheduled for a preoperative appointment. During the preoperative visit, all prescriptions and instruction sheets will be given. You will have the opportunity to “fine-tune” the goals and size of the surgery with Dr. Sparano. We use the best-of-the-best post-procedure supplies and recovery agents, which will also be discussed. Pre-procedure photographs will be taken at this time.

At any time across your relationship with Dr. Sparano and staff at the New Jersey Institute for Robotic Hair Surgery, you will have access to us. Again, we pride ourselves on our communication efforts and commitment to your success.