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Additional Spa Treatments

ZO Skin Transformation Program

Ready to transform your skin? The ZO Skin Transformation Program will deliver! Over the course of weeks-months, a customized home-care regimen is followed. In addition, check-point visits with our skin care specialists are scheduled approximately every 6 weeks to review progress and make adjustments. We believe the ZO skin transformation is unrivaled in its category. Healthy skin = beautiful skin.

Eyelash Lift & Tint / Eyebrow Tint

These are nice options for patients interested in dark, luscious, beautifully curled lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment. Eyelash and/or eyebrow tinting are coloring treatments which dye the hair of your lashes or brows to a color of your choosing. The coloring solution used for tinting is made up of vegetable dye for longer-term results.

Acne Transformation Program

This is a customized protocol designed to calm the inflammatory nature of acne. It is very popular among teens or those with adult acne. A customized protocol is combined with at least two deep pore treatments.

Bridal Skin Transformation Program

This program is designed to transform the skin up to 6-months before a wedding or big event. In additional to the transformative steps of the program, there are also customized treatments preceding the wedding which add that special glow.

Reiki Session

Our Reiki sessions promote healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances within “human energy fields,” or “auras,” which permeate the surrounding body. Improving energy flow can support the self-healing capacity of the body – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We only use certified Reiki treatment specialists.

Sun Protection

As a practice committed to skin health, and skin cancer removal and reconstruction, we’ve invested extensive attention to award-winning products for best daily defense protection. Just ask and we’ll show you best options.

Bridal Shower Days

These events are fun days planned in our Spa, dedicated to luxurious treatments, but with the endpoint of skin health and beauty. These can be customized for any budget, using various combinations.

Girls’ Day Out

Pair up for a luxurious treatment with a friend or two. Leave with healthy, beaming skin, and enjoy the rest of the day or evening with a smile.

Party-planning and Gift Certificates Available