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Meet the Team

Anthony Sparano, M.D.

About Dr. Sparano

Kortney Francese

Kortney is one of our lead clinical specialists. She has technical skills as a surgeon’s assistant, leads our hair transplantation team, and makes herself available to assist patients with any clinical questions as they arise. Kortney has an abundance of health-care experience, and is a valuable resource in every clinical aspect of our practice. If there’s a clinical question which needs answering, Kortney is our “go-to” professional.

Haley Gimblett

Haley is our lead clinical coordinator. Befitting given her wealth of clinical knowledge, she serves as a dedicated patient liaison who helps patients through everything from their initial calls to us, through their surgical or procedural date. She sits in on consultations for patients’ benefit, and becomes an excellent resource for patients. She directs our CoolSculpting® program and has dedicated training and certification herein. Haley is a true professional, an extremely happy individual, and someone who enjoys helping her patients through their experiences with us.

Nicole Hiller

Nicole is a high-energy, intelligent, and pleasant clinical assistant who brings an abundance of experience to our practice. She engages patients from their opening steps through our doorway, guiding them smoothly through their clinical experience. Nicole’s unique blend of warmth, cheer, and experience make her a very special part of our clinical team.

Laura Kinney

Laura has been with the practice since its inception. She is our “Jack of all trades,” competently skilled clinically, administratively, and creatively. She functions as a clinical and surgical coordinator, spa manager, and multimedia coordinator. Laura is always pleasant, cares about her patients, and bakes our office many treats.

Sue Liedel, L.E., C.M.E.M

Sue has been a licensed skin care specialist since 2002. Following her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Sue pursued her interest in skin science. She achieved the highest level of skin care certification from NCEA. She subsequently became a Master-level esthetician with a CMEM license, qualifying her for advanced skin care measures. Sue has a passion for restoring patients’ confidence through skin health and beauty. She has various study interests, many of which focus on the relationship between skin health and nutrition. Sue has attended numerous, select conferences with the leaders in her discipline. Overall, Sue is happiest when her patients are happy.

Brianna Meyer, R.N.

Brianna is an extremely accomplished registered nurse. We appreciate her because of her careful clinical acumen, safe and sound judgement, and wonderful personality. Brianna functions as a competent nurse injector trained specifically by Dr. Sparano, laser specialist, skin care specialist, CoolSculpting® specialist, and clinical consultant. As with all of our staff, Brianna obsesses over details.

Laurinda Rapp

Laurinda has many skills and capabilities within the practice. She primarily functions as the Office Manager, and is considered a billing and scheduling expert. Laurinda has an extensive healthcare background across several disciplines. She has a wealth of knowledge and keeps the various divisions of the practice functioning smoothly. She is our administrative leader.

Maranda Tullo

Maranda is one of our “whiz kids” who is always focused and staying “on-point,” so that our patients enjoy the best possible experience within the practice. She has created an expertise in clinical and surgical assistantship. We admire her combination of strength and grace, and her engagement with patients to promote their successful and happy outcomes.