Injectable Treatments | Anthony Sparano, MD

Injectable Treatments

Botox ®

A simple therapy to relax the lines of the upper face, around the lips, linear neck bands, and more. We aim for successful results, with a “natural,” more youthful look, at appealing price-points. Learn more about Botox® here. Can probably add a better picture on main site here. Can get you login to marketing portal. Of note, I need to update some of the verbiage on our current main site, and will do so on my own.

Facial Fillers

We take pride in using the best-in-class facial fillers at each site on the face. Filler use is a safe and productive way to shape the face more youthfully without surgery, and to soften the deepest creases or fine lines of the face, to hide the jowls, or to aesthetically shape the cheek bones. See our main site for information on each of our preferred injectable facial fillers.

Kybella ®

These injections are commonly used to treat the stubborn fatty areas of the body. It is most commonly used under the chin, but can be used in other areas of the body with consultation from Dr. Sparano. Learn more about Kybella ® here.

Lip Injections

Volumizing the lips is a very satisfying procedure when performed to create “natural,” healthy-appearing, attractive lips. Nobody really benefits from the unnatural look some people seek. You can trust Dr. Sparano to use meticulous technique and the most careful aesthetic eye for a pleasant, beautiful result. Learn more about Lip Enhancement here.