Testimonials | Anthony Sparano, MD


Carol B.

Had laser skin resurfacing and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Sparano performed the procedure and the skin around my chin, which was like an orange peel, is much smoother. Lower eyelids much tighter. Great decision! Great staff. They’ll walk you through the steps and always available for questions. Highly recommend.

5 Star Girl!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sparano for years for injections and have always been happy. I’ve sent many friends and family to him, and they always come back thanking me. You don’t have to worry about the really strange and unnatural results you sometimes see on others. Dr. Sparano preaches “natural results” and you can trust him all the way. If you ask around, most people in the community know him and either go to him, or have seen his work. You can trust his injections and I’ve seen many of his surgeries too. Mostly facelifts and eyelids. I wanted to write as a thank you to Dr. Sparano, and to the practice.


Had my eyelids done and have honestly never been happier about my face. Amazing how changing a tiny area can make you look much more awake! Just had a laser done for my brown spots and have been doing skin care there. Great results and I’m very happy. Great practice and beautiful spa.

Kristin C.

Sue has been helping me with my rosacea over the past year. I’ve seen multiple derms and the best they can do is prescribe a gel that hasn’t really worked. Sue has used a combination of topicals and peels and I recently had a rosacea laser by Dr. Sparano. My skin is so much calmer and for once I’m actually getting some compliments on it. If you struggle with rosacea the way I do, I highly recommend you check in there. Very happy.


Had Cellfina for cellulite and Botox for wrinkles. Happy with both. Cellfina is no joke and has great results. Had it with a friend and we’re both pretty impressed. I feel like if more people knew about it, they’d definitely be pursuing it. No real good reason to walk around with cellulite if you can treat it so easily. Research prices too because it seemed this office was about $1000 cheaper than every other. Botox pricing great too especially since doctor doing the treatment. Great choice with this practice.


Had lips injected by Dr. Sparano. My mother was petrified and came with me. Very pretty, natural result, which was exactly what I wanted. I even had the guts to get it done before my sister’s wedding. My mom thought it looked great, which says a lot. Dr. Sparano, you did a great job and thank you so much. You can trust him with your lips ladies!


I’ve been seeing Sue for my skin for about 2 years. She’s absolutely amazing and very committed to you as a patient. Dr. Sparano recommended her to me, and I’m very glad he did. In fact, I’ve sent many, many friends to her and we’re all very pleased. I’ve done best with ZO topicals combined with some peels and microblading. Make an apt and you’ll see, highly recommend.


I’ve had acne scarring with some active acne which has become a nuisance to say the least. Sue helped calm down my acne which was a huge relief. Dr. Sparano used a color laser and some subcision techniques and dermabrasion to help with the scarring. I know there’s a huge population of upset acne patients out there. This is a good practice for you and I truly wish them well. Thanks guys.

Amy R.

Had Coolsculpting done twice and loving it. After the first time I saw a nice result, but was kind of dabbling in just a small area to make sure I didn’t waste my money. The second time I treated before a sun vacation and was a little more open to the areas I wanted to target. If you do this, you’ll meet Lori and she’s a gem. The whole practice takes very good care of you. The Coolsculpting area is private and comfortable and the spa is beautiful and comfortable. Very fair pricing and Coolsculpting is a treatment I’ve recommended to many.


Why aren’t more people microneedling? Love this treatment and very happy with my results. Highly recommend.


Had laser hair removal of underarms, lips, and chin. I had nice results after about 6 total treatments. I ended up getting bikini treatments the following winter and spring. This laser works great and it basically doesn’t hurt. Very good laser for hair removal and Dr. Sparano did all of the treatments, which made me feel safer. Well spent $$.

Steph G.

This will be the last place you need to “try out.” Once you go, you’ll love it. Spa side is great. Dr. Sparano’s treatments are great. Excellent service. Pleasant staff. Great prices. Good hours. Can’t say enough about these guys. Glad I found them!

Dermaplane Me

I basically have a dermaplaning treatment with Sue, with a hydrating treatment at the same time, a few days before basically every special event I go to now. It’s almost unfair to walk into a room with skin so bright and healthy looking. Please look into this treatment – you’ll be happy! Sue will tell you what you need.


I’m not a fan of fluffy facials. I AM a fan of peels. My favorites from this practice are the 3-Step peel and the Pumpkin treatment. Their whole menu is good though. Great discovery to have found this spa. Don’t waste money on the fluffy stuff when you can get much better results here.

Kathy C.

Big fan of Sparano. Every time I get together with my girlfriends, it becomes a Sparano bragfest. Really great guy and excellent surgeon and injector. I’m in healthcare and have seen them all. He’s your guy. LOVE it there.


Had a charcoal treatment on my face last week. This is an interesting treatment and will definitely clean your pores out. I wish I knew about this 10 years ago. This treatment was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m happy she did so. I’m writing this to share the news of this wonderful option. Great staff and pretty place, too.

Jean (you know the one)

Always impressed with this place. Everything they do is great. Go in to meet them for anything and you’ll see what I mean. Love Dr. Sparano! Thank you guys!

Kelly R.

I had pretty much the most sun-damaged chest you can imagine, and my face has seen a bit of sun too (understatement). I had 3 bronzing treatments by laser with Dr. Sparano and my skin looked like it had the same color it did 20 years ago. That’s an amazing laser. I tightened the skin with Ultherapy and I’m very happy and impressed. I wanted to write a review as a thank you, because I was pretty insecure about my skin before all of this. Great job Dr. Sparano and thank you Sue.

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