Lip Enhancement

As with any enhancement of the face and neck, lip enhancement should appear beautiful, but natural. Too often lips are over-injected or injected at the improper depths or sites. Advanced techniques can be utilized to artistically enhance the lips, in ways which accentuate beautiful form and definition of the lips, without the lips appearing injected. Dr. Sparano performs a comprehensive analysis of each patient’s lips before injecting, customizing his approach for patients individually.

Lip injections are performed only with FDA-cleared fillers at a density optimal for the lips. Local anesthesia is often used to prevent a painful experience. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes to perform. The lips will swell following the procedure, usually taking several days to resolve. Bruising is possible, but can be covered with lipstick following the procedure. Lip injections are performed by Dr. Sparano with precision and great care. Once swelling resolves, the lips should appear beautiful.


How long do the results last?
Injectable filler enhancement of the lips can last between 6-18 months.

Are permanent lip implants a good idea?
There can be significant complications with permanent lip implants, which are often difficult to perfectly reverse. Additionally, they infrequently appear natural. For these reasons, Dr. Sparano does not use solid or permanent implants for the lips.

Can the lips be surgically enhanced?
The lips can be surgically enhanced in certain situations. Dr. Sparano performs all aspects of surgical lip enhancement when indicated. A private consultation with Dr. Sparano can help delineate candidacy.

Will my lips appear natural?
Dr. Sparano frequently mentions that any surgeon performing injectable lip enhancement, should perform as a disciplined specialist using distinct artistic sensibility. Specialized techniques are used to create balance and proportion of form. Many of his patients drive in from a significant distance for lip injections, because they know and trust his technique.