Scar Revision

Patients occasionally present to Dr. Sparano with prior traumatic or surgical scars that warrant revision. Scar revision can be performed across a variety of modalities - both surgically and non-surgically. There is a large population of patients with acne scarring, who similarly seek consultation for scar therapy. Dr. Sparano has the luxury of a wide variety of tools and techniques to perform effective and comprehensive scar revision.

Some scars are best treated with non-surgical techniques like diamond-wheel dermabrasion, combination laser therapy. Other scars require true surgical scar revision. Acne scars are treated based upon their type – “ice-pick” pattern versus “crater” pattern. Combinations of dermabrasion, Total FX ™ fractionated laser skin resurfacing, punch excisions, needle subcision, injectable fillers, and occasional surgery are used. Dr. Sparano has a wealth of experience treating the complexities of acne scarring.