Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Defects of the face, scalp, and neck following resection of skin cancer offer surgical challenges in both form and function. Patients can at times feel devastated by intimidating defects of facial structures and skin. Facial reconstructive surgery demands a specialized skill-set capable of optimizing cosmetic outcomes without distorting contours or compromising function.

Dr. Sparano has been trained in reconstructive techniques of the face, scalp, and neck, by some of the most famous reconstructive surgeons in the world. He has a true clinical passion for facial reconstruction following skin cancer, and devotes a significant part of his practice to it. Dr. Sparano cares very dearly about the psychological stresses patients can experience across this experience, and delivers compassionate care, with meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Sparano likes to meet all of his reconstructive patients in advance when possible; he performs all aspects of the surgery; he reviews detailed post-operative instructions; and he removes all of his own sutures. He sees patients back in subsequent follow-ups to perform whatever is necessary to optimize final aesthetic results.

Dr. Sparano performs hundreds of complex facial reconstructions every year. He has performed thousands of reconstructions over his professional career. He maintains an interest in researching nuances of the techniques of Mohs reconstructive surgery.