Piezosurgery in Rhinoplasty - Why I Love It

I'll avoid making this post too technical and boring. Simply speaking, piezosurgery is a technique which first came out of Europe (Italy), and utilizes ultrasonic energy to manipulate bones. The technique is completely atraumatic to soft tissue (skin, fat, muscle, cartilage), and will selectively manipulate only bone. Thus, piezosurgery techniques are directed toward the upper third of the nose, which is mostly bone (ie, humps, bumps, crookedness).

Hair Transplant - Size of Surgery

From series Hair Transplant NJ:
Many patients considering hair transplantation have concerns about the "size of surgery." While it still stands, the greater the number of follicular unit hair grafts placed, the greater the general visible result, it is not always the necessary route to success. Often there are cost considerations, continued hair loss considerations, compliance with hair-preserving medication considerations, and time-to-placement considerations (which will be explained below).


I recently read an article about Nina Vaca, a middle child of 5 by 2 immigrant parents from Ecuador, who embraced entrepreneurial endeavors to turn her family’s travel agency business into a $200 million staffing company – Pinnacle Technical Resources.

How I Got Here

I would never want to sound like a “blowhard,” but I write this mostly to answer a recurrent question from many patients. My practice offers unique and interesting, but divergent areas of surgical subspecialty. I am often asked how I ended up where I am, and doing exactly the kind of work I do. I always answer the same way, although a bit abbreviated from what I’m about to write, I’m certain.

Perfect Landing

I recently watched a re-run of Kerri Strug’s vault finals in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It was again amazing. Her role in that particular event would determine whether the U.S. Women’s Team would win its first gold medal in the all-around competition. Her first vault attempt was horrific. She had a poor landing, fell, and tore two ankle ligaments. The team was in trouble and the 17-year-old Strug was in pain. The team, and the watching world, waited to see if she could even venture her final attempt. She limped to the performance platform.

10,000-Hour Rule

By now, many have read, seen, or heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success. In the book, Gladwell demonstrates how innate talent, and even genius, are not the necessary roots of success. Instead, success is often a derivative of a series of circumstantial subtleties that together can shape good fortune.

Brows and Botox

Have you noticed how certain stars have seemingly flawless skin and very high-arched brows? Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry are notable examples. The question is always asked, is that the gift of pleasant genetics alone, or is there some help from Botox? (Although Cindy Crawford has admitted to the benefits of Botox enhancement.)

Beauty of the Neck

Until about two years ago I viewed elective surgical reshaping of the neck differently than I do now. Then, I thought of the neck lift operation as something that should or should not accompany a face lift operation. Now, I view the neck quite differently. In many ways, I often find myself assessing whether a face lift should accompany the neck lift operation.

Simplicity and Inspiration

I recently completed the book Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. It was a very refreshing read, and far off the typical tone and agenda of a business book.