Have you noticed how certain stars have seemingly flawless skin and very high-arched brows? Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry are notable examples. The question is always asked, is that the gift of pleasant genetics alone, or is there some help from Botox? (Although Cindy Crawford has admitted to the benefits of Botox enhancement.)

Many people know Botox can do wonders for facial wrinkling. The precise effect Botox can have on the brows is less understood. It used to be the case that any conversation of Botox with regard to brow consideration, centered on the fear of “brow droop.” This is no longer a great concern. Instead, precise brow positioning, degrees and location of peak brow elevation, and amount of associated lateral brow forehead movement without the dreaded “spocking” sign, are topics of pre-Botox conversation.

The anatomic region of the lateral brow has a few different muscular complexes working on it. Thus, careful injection manipulation of each respectively can create sometimes subtle, and sometimes significant brow architectural changes. This is part of the art and fun in Botox sculpting.

A nicely elevated lateral brow with a soft peak can form a nice feminine frame for the underlying eyes. The eyes can be made to appear more bright and youthful.

As with all aspects of elective facial surgery and enhancement, the key is in the the communication with your surgeon!