Skin Stabilization

This post is meant to focus on a single component of skin transformation - skin stabilization. Dr. Sparano and the very talented, well-read, and researched skin care specialists at Skin Sense Spa (the division of Dr. Sparano's practice exclusively focused on skin health and beauty), conduct their practice by way of a multi-component skin transformation pathway. One vital component - that of STABILIZATION - is a necessary one for healthy and beautiful skin. A very simple truth - healthy skin is beautiful skin - centers on this very principle.

Brows and Botox

Have you noticed how certain stars have seemingly flawless skin and very high-arched brows? Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry are notable examples. The question is always asked, is that the gift of pleasant genetics alone, or is there some help from Botox? (Although Cindy Crawford has admitted to the benefits of Botox enhancement.)

The Botox Buzz

The use of Botox® Cosmetic as a neuromodulator to treat hyperfunctional lines helped spark a cosmetic revolution with regard to minimally invasive approaches to creating a youthful appearance. However, in the early years, while creating a more “youthful” look, practitioners were not always yielding a very “natural” look. Often patients were treated to the endpoint of having a totally immobile upper face while the medicine was working. Adding to this, patients were requesting this look and complaining if even a hint of muscle movement was evident at the site of injection.

Is Laser Skin Resurfacing Right For You?

Among the many evident signs of aging are the changes that take place to our skin. These changes usually involve the accumulation of brown and red colored spots called dyschromias, loosening of the skin, loss of skin volume, fine and deep wrinkling, widening of the skin pores, and loss of elasticity of the skin. While there are many topical skin treatments and creams available, definitive improvements to the skin are usually achieved only from treatments designed to target both the deep and superficial layers of the skin.