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This post is meant to focus on a single component of skin transformation - skin stabilization. Dr. Sparano and the very talented, well-read, and researched skin care specialists at Skin Sense Spa (the division of Dr. Sparano's practice exclusively focused on skin health and beauty), conduct their practice by way of a multi-component skin transformation pathway. One vital component - that of STABILIZATION - is a necessary one for healthy and beautiful skin. A very simple truth - healthy skin is beautiful skin - centers on this very principle.
Skin stabilization involves the correction of aberrant cellular processes, and resumption of regulated, controlled, healthy function on a cellular level throughout both the epidermis AND dermis. Through the careful delivery of stimulation agents, DNA repair agents, and anti-oxidants, inflammatory processes of the skin can be calmed, with subsequent cellular transformation.
At Skin Sense Spa, we believe we have a very invested staff, who've committed hundreds of hours of study, research, careful commitment to outcomes, and honest, careful reflection on results. Two of our specialists - Sue Liedel and Natalia Starosolsky - are especially impressive, with an unyielding interest in their patients' skin health and beauty. We believe they're of the best aetheticians in New Jersey!
Through a calculated and customized approach to each respective patient, stabilized skin shows the following changes:
- Damaged cells are shed and replaced by healthier cells.
- The epidermis thickens.
- Dermis has greater turgidity.
- Skin barrier function improves.
- Keratin production increases.
- Pores unclog.
- Inflammatory conditions improve (eg, acne, rosacea, folliculitis).
- Melanocytes become less likely to become hyperresponsive to sun exposure and other irritants.
- Skin becomes better prepared for subsequent steps focused on complete skin transformation.
Our practice offers complimentary consultation for an engagement offering something much more than the typical NJ medical spa. We aim to educate on healthy skin, and offer services which can treat the gamut of skin appearance, always creating improvement through health. We suggest our patients not waste money or time on non-medicinal components of skin care, or on haphazard delivery of care. Like many other things, skin health is a blend of art and science. Come meet us and let's get started!

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