Kybella NJ

Kybella does work... ...if you're a candidate! There are various ways to treat the neck. Each respective treatment targets different aspects of the aging neck anatomy. Kybella specifically targets fat under the chin. We have great success treating this area with Kybella in our practice. We believe there is a skill to its delivery - both in terms of amount of product used, its spatial delivery, and angle of threading of product to manipulate delivery around the muscle bands which can obstruct its efficacy. Most patients require 2-3 injection sessions, and a minority requires 4. In our practice, we offer a guarantee, of sorts, to our patients. Because each patient is assessed by Dr. Sparano before treatment, all patients receiving Kybella have been approved for candidacy. If after 2 treatments patients do not feel they have noticed a response, we offer submental liposuction at the same price as a third Kybella injection. At the time of this writing, now at least 1.5 years into use of Kybella, we are proud to say we have not elected to transition anyone to liposuction for inadequate response. Dr. Sparano is a facial plastic surgeon offering Kybella in NJ, at great prices, and with great efficacy. Consultations are complimentary. 

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