CoolSculpting NJ. Many patients ask, "Does CoolSculpting work?" "Is CoolSculpting right for me?" These are fair questions. In this blog we'll cover a few areas of relevance: candidacy for CoolSculpting; efficacy of CoolSculpting; cost of CoolSculpting; how we do CoolSculpting.
Regarding candidacy, CoolSculpting is a a very effective way of treating softer, "pinchable" fat. Thick-walled fat, with extensive fibrous nature, tends not to fare so well with CoolSculpting. Assessing appropriate fat for treatment is something Dr. Sparano performs at consultation.
Regarding efficacy, we typically see results very colinear with published reports on Coolsculpting. That is, in a treated zone, patients can expect to see about a 21 - 25% fat reduction. Given the ease of treatment, the lack of associated downtime, and the relatively affordable expense, we feel quite content with this level of fat reduction for a given treatment. We call CoolSculpting an "additive procedure." By this we mean it is not a treatment which needs to be repeated multiply for a result. Instead, with each treatment a patient experiences the result, and then if an additional fat reduction is preferred, one can elect to do additional treatments after an adequate duration of time (we recommend waiting at least 4 months following initial treatment).
Regarding cost of CoolScultping, our practice has prided itself on offering CoolSculpting at the lowest allowable marketed price. This is because it is not a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Sparano. Instead it is a simple technologic procedure we want to encourage eligible patients to consider. Call us for our everyday low pricing!
We perform CoolSculpting after conducting a consultation assessing candidacy. We do not wish for patients to elect for treatment if an unlikely response is anticipated. We have great success with our CoolSculpting results. On the day of treatment, Dr. Sparano marks all patients and generally applies the device. We believe this optimizes potential for treatment success. Treatments are performed in a private room, on a comfortable spa bed, and with a television available, movies available, and a secure internet access line for work or simple online engagement. After treatment, patients are free to do what they wish, as there is no true "downtime" after CoolSculpting. The first week usually involves some swelling. We typically see onset of contraction (ie, the tissue getting "skinnier" or reducing in size) beginning 3 weeks after treatment, and progressing through 6-months after treatment.
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