Among the many evident signs of aging are the changes that take place to our skin. These changes usually involve the accumulation of brown and red colored spots called dyschromias, loosening of the skin, loss of skin volume, fine and deep wrinkling, widening of the skin pores, and loss of elasticity of the skin. While there are many topical skin treatments and creams available, definitive improvements to the skin are usually achieved only from treatments designed to target both the deep and superficial layers of the skin.

Over the prior decades, carbon dioxide (CO2) laser skin resurfacing has been the most successful form of laser skin resurfacing, and remains the “gold standard” means of laser skin rejuvenation. While CO2 laser skin resurfacing has been associated with impressive results, the “downtime” following treatment has remained an obstacle patients often find difficult to accept. Newer technology has made available fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing. This technology allows for comparable results with minimal downtime. As a result, there has been a revolution, of sorts, for laser skin resurfacing.   

The Sparano Face and Nasal Institute utilizes the Lumenis Encore UltraPulse technology. This technology allows us to deliver a fractionated CO2 laser beam across treatments known as ActiveFX™, DeepFX™, and TotalFX™. Each of these treatments involves treating the skin in a customized fashion with controlled depth. The treatment leaves surrounding healthy skin to aid in the regeneration process. The UltraPulse technology and TotalFX™ treatment is much more powerful than the other fractional CO2 lasers on the market. Thus not all fractional treatments deliver the same caliber of results. The unique aspect of this treatment is how a single TotalFX™ treatment can deliver impressive long-term results, with only 4-7 days of downtime.

As we age, we accumulate colored spots on the skin (dyschromias), and more importantly we lose both volume and organization of collagen fibers in the deeper layers of our skin. Collagen is a vital structural element that helps give the skin its strength and youthful qualities. One reason the TotalFX™ treatment is so effective, is because it treats in a way that stimulates the body to regenerate new collagen in a natural and cosmetically pleasing way. In fact , the new collagen is deposited over the subsequent 6 months following treatment. In addition, it ablates away the superficial dead and aging surface of the skin, allowing for a more fresh and vitalized appearance. This effects how the skin appears just after treatment, as well as years down the road as the treated skin appears to age more “gracefully.”

The TotalFX™ treatment is truly the ultimate in laser skin resurfacing. It is FDA approved and designed to treat colored spots, wrinkles, scars, acne scars, and dermal lesions. It tightens the skin while at the same time stimulating long-term collagen remodeling for a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance. It requires a single treatment with minimal healing time. The skin will appear tightened, more refreshed, and more homogeneous in color with a smaller pore size. The skin continues to improve over the first 6 months following treatment as new collagen is deposited along the deep layers of the skin. The TotalFX™ treatment is the only laser skin resurfacing technique that has been featured on television programs such as 20/20, Today Show, and The Doctors.

The Sparano Face and Nasal Institute is one of the few sites offering the TotalFX™ treatment in the region. Dr. Anthony Sparano has been selected as a regional instructor by the Lumenis company to teach other physicians around the country how to properly administer the technique. Please call to schedule a free consultation to further discuss whether the TotalFX™ treatment is right for you.